West African Djembes

‘Pimp my Djembe’

Because we know it is no easy task choosing a djembe online, we’ve decided to make choosing your greatest drumming investment, a no brainer!

Exclusive to Afrobeat – ‘Pimp my Djembe’ allows you to customise your very own African Djembe Drum that sounds as good as it looks!

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

Find one that suits your experience level and budget, and custom the look you want!

Our African Djembe Drums have been thoughtfully selected to suit different needs – height, weight, playing surface, suitability for different playing levels, and budgets.

Made from quality hardwood drum shells from West Africa, skinned and finished here in Melbourne.

From the entry level djembe, perfect accompaniment drum, or student drum; to high end lead and soloist djembes featuring a full range of sounds, with more comfortable playing edges, practical extras such as non-slip rubber bases, traditional carvings, bold rope colours, and woven handle to easily attach a playing strap –

We’ve got the perfect djembe drum for you!

Order yours today!

More about our West African Djembe – Read this first

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Ghana Entry Level African Djembe Drum

1. Ghana ENTRY LEVEL Djembe [Twenaboa]

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Guinea premium West African Djembe Drum

2. Guinea INTERMEDIATE Premium Djembe [Djala Hardwood]

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Guinea West African Djembe Drum

3. Guinea ELITE Pro Djembe [Lenke Hardwood]

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