Indo Djembes

Indonesian made Djembes – Quality African drums at affordable prices!

These are quality djembes hand crafted in Indonesia that sound as good as they look and come in a variety of sizes to suit any budget, age, and application.

We use these drums every day in our workshops and interactive drumming shows!

Perfect as a gift, first drum; for kindergartens, schools, and community groups.

What makes these drums a great investment?

  • High quality tensile, nylon-core yachting rope that provides better tension and stays tuned longer. This means less ongoing maintenance
  • Natural goat skin cleaned with organic wash (not chemically washed or irradiated) to give a much better sound and durability than 99% of other imitation/souvenir djembes
  • Drum shells that are solid, sustainably sourced mahogany offering affordability without compromising on quality
  • Design and play-ability that continues to evolve to bring you a better product
  • Well rounded edges that make playing these drums easy

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Rasta Djembe 30cm

African Djembe 30 cm

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Djembe 40+cm

African Djembe 40+

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Djembe 40cm

African Djembe 40cm

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Djembe 50cm

African Djembe 50

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Djembe 40+cm

African Djembe 50+

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Djembe 60+cm

African Djembe 60

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Djembe 60+cm

African Djembe 60+

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