Leadership drumming

If you can facilitate a drum circle, you can lead a team!

Music and rhythm provide excellent metaphors for leadership, and the drum circle provides a unique and dynamic vehicle for leadership training.

Our Leadership Drumming Program teaches participants to be drum circle facilitators on the premise that if you can successfully conduct an interactive drumming experience, you can lead a team! The program involves theory, analogies, discussion, and lots of practical experience!

Fun, innovative and hands on, drumming together provides a new medium to teach leadership, communication, group dynamics, team culture, and diversity in a safe learning environment where participants can venture into unfamiliar territory, experiment, and discover leadership skills and potential they never knew they had!

Drumming together helps participants explore non-verbal and creative forms of communication not ordinarily used in other forms of training. The experience challenges participants to lead and be led, explore elements of leadership, and gain insights into the essentials of successful leadership.

There are always individuals who shine in this environment – even those whose leadership abilities haven’t been noticed before!

Afrobeat Conference Drumming

A drum circle is a unique microcosm for learning.

When we drum together we create a unique microcosm for learning that provides a common language, experience, analogies, and stories which can be related back to the workplace and its culture. Drumming together provides a space where all participants are equal in their knowledge about the task, are able to experience changing requirements for success, and encouraged to take new risks, try on new roles and make mistakes in a safe environment. Here they have the opportunity to review themselves, their leadership, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and change management skills.

All this serves as a catalyst for continuing these themes back in the workplace or school environment.

Real learning outcomes and sustainable long-term benefits come from beating the drum together.

Afrobeat offer full day or extended program options designed to maximise learning outcomes and provide sustainable long term benefits for your group. No previous drumming or drum circle facilitator experience is required. Afrobeat can tailor the training to the specific needs and desired learning outcomes of your group, as well as integrating your unique values and organisational culture.

Have us tailor a ‘Leadership Training Program’ to suit your team today!