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Leading with passion, purpose and positivity!

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Our team are professionals - specially trained facilitators, seasoned musicians, and charismatic entertainers who LOVE what they do! This is obvious AND infectious! We LEAD with passion, purpose and positivity and a sense of professionalism and commitment to customer service and team values unmatched in our industry.

Afrobeat is supported by an unbeatable line up of global talent who are not only talented and passionate about building community through music – they are also committed to our values and work ethics, and the creative collaboration, design and development of our programs while maintaining a respect and connection for the culture that inspires it.

Industry leaders for 20 years, we’ve developed programs that balance creativity, ownership and personal reward; engaging diverse people and contexts through interactive drumming and dance. We know how to keep an audience entertained, maintaining team focus and momentum. Experts in reading the ‘group dynamic’, our facilitators are able to adapt and reformulate our programs to suit the ‘in-the-moment’ group experience.

"Your team absolutely delighted the staff and students with their energy, warmth, spirit and their great skills. It was wonderful to see their magnetic effect on the crowd....the performers instantly generated their trust. Each time we have AFROBEAT people here, they bring a little light and happiness with them"

Geelong Grammar School


Janine Rew (aka 'neeni-tuti')

Creative Director | Facilitator | Instructor | Trainer

B.Ap.Sci – Social Ecology

Majored in Community Development, Group Facilitation and Organisational Change

Certificate IV in Business - Business Management

Trained by Culture Keepers - Masters of African Drumming & Dance from WEST AFRICA

Following a trip to Africa in 1995, Afrobeat Founder and Principle Facilitator Janine Rew became fascinated with African Rhythms and subsequently studied Traditional Percussion and dance under renowned Master and Culture Keeper A. Epizo Bangoura (who originates from Guinea, West Africa) for 12 years.

A graduate in interpersonal communications and facilitation, Janine immediately recognised and identified the connections between African Rhythms and their application to group processes, personal growth and community building. A versatile and respected professional, Janine hails from a diverse background of more than 25 years of formal dance training and performance.

The only female ‘African style’ percussionist to be endorsed by Billy Hydes (Australia’s largest retailer of percussion), she has been instructing individuals and groups in West African percussion and dance technique, and facilitated drumming circles and interactive entertainment with diverse audiences for more than 20 years.

Success Stories

AfricanOz Drum N Dance – PERTH

‘Check it out!! Our beautiful friend Neeni-Tuti has been around for yonks doing drum and dance and she is a world class teacher and performer. She has the best of the best in her team and she works damn hard to make Afrobeat an ever evolving and one of a kind business celebrating African drum…

Maxine, The Drum Cafe (now Drum Circle Events) – SYDNEY

‘Janine’s work and standard of delivery and presentation is exceptional. Her talent in drumming and dance is clearly professional and her ability to impart her knowledge of African Drumming and Dance is inspirational’

Cristina Dio – Diaspora Media, SYDNEY

“…I have seen Janine’s project AFROBEAT grow from a concept into a small but powerful and respected organisation and collective that reflects her hard work, dedication and spirit for the arts. Over the years, I have realised what an inspiration she is to many people through her commitment and unwavering dedication to her passion. Janine…