Why Us?

Passion | Innovation | Evolution

With the World's growing savvy and appreciation for African Drumming has come a new wave of interest in the importance and uses of group drumming. Is it any wonder that more and more drumming businesses are popping up to serve this hunger for the djembe drum, its infectious rhythms and far reaching benefits? With so many to choose from you might be asking -

What's so special about one of the longest running drumming businesses in Australia?

What excites US will excite YOU!

It’s quite simple - We LOVE what we do! This is obvious and infectious. Afrobeat is a ‘one of a kind’ business, passionate about inspiring and connecting people, and making a difference to the beat of the drum!

Experience and passion is worth a lot

Industry Leaders for 20 years, Afrobeat’s experience includes Teaching West African Drumming & Dance, Facilitating interactive drumming events & Performances for diverse audiences and contexts; Facilitator Training, Industry Mentoring, and African Drum Sales.

It’s obvious! We love working together

Our team are professionals - specially trained facilitators, seasoned musicians, and charismatic entertainers who love their work and share our values, work ethic, passion, sense of purpose, and commitment to deliver the best experience for our clients.

Easy to work with

Our clients say we’re friendly, responsive, professional, helpful, accommodating, and flexible. We work closely with you to ensure the finer 'behind the scene' details are taken care of effortlessly and efficiently to help make your event a success.

We Deliver on the Experience

You can be confident when booking Afrobeat that our people, presentation, program delivery, and audience experience is everything you expect. We’re flexible, consistent, and most importantly deliver on the experience!

Always Evolving & Innovative

We’re constantly evolving and creating programs that are FRESH, relevant, and appealing to EVERYONE!


Drums that make you LOOK and SOUND AMAZING!

Our drums have been thoughtfully selected to suit everyone – from Kindergartens to Conferences! For their size, quality and durability; and generous playing surface that allows for participants to acheive a full range of sound. We have drums to suit seated groups or stand up cocktail events.

Everybody belongs,
everybody has a part to play!

Leading with passion,
purpose and positivity!

People who want to celebrate,
inspire & unify!