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Get your very own piece of Afrobeat! Afrobeat Djembe key rings, road-tested djembe drum hats, and djembe drum bags.


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Because we know it is no easy task choosing a djembe online, we’ve decided to make choosing your greatest drumming investment, a no brainer!

Exclusive to Afrobeat - 'Pimp my Djembe' allows you to customise your very own African Djembe Drum that sounds as good as it looks!

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The collective name for a family of West African bass drums, the Dunun (or doundoun, dundun, djun djun) are the heart beat and time keepers of the djembe chorus.

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Quality djembes at affordable prices!

Quality djembes hand crafted in Indonesia that sound as good as they look and come in a variety of sizes to suit any budget, age and application. We use these drums everyday in our workshops and interactive drumming shows!

Perfect as a gift, first drum; for kindys, schools and community groups.

Here you’ll find all your African djembe accessory needs, including waterproof canvas djembe drum bags, soft padded djembe bags, protective drum hats for storage or practice, playing straps for djembes, Djembe Shakers (Sessi Sessi), and performance stands.

For all your Doundoun needs including hardwood sticks, stick bag, support legs, and bells.

Afrobeat stock a range of African hand-percussion including Agogo bells, Whicker shakers (or Kiss Kass) from Ghana, Shekeres (beaded gourds), Seeded rain shakers, and waist shakers to enhance your African dance performance or African drumming ensemble!

African costume top

Get your groove on with Afrobeat’s select range of African performance clothing starting with our popular, vibrant Dashiki tops!