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See how we connect 750 delegates within minutes to the BEAT of the drum! Everyone belongs - Everyone has a part to play!

What others are saying!

Team Building Drumming – Moorabool Shire Council

It was a wonderful experience to see the progress from a cacophony of sounds at the beginning of the session into a sleek and streamlined performance at the end.

Team Building Drumming – Cottage By the Sea

A great way to start the day before our meeting!  A lot of fun and a great euphemism for our corporate journey and aspirations to be a harmonious work place.  This was a creative, fun approach towards team building and unity. Thank-you!

Interactive Drumming Workshops – Moolap Primary School

Loved it! Afrobeat provides a hands-on, energetic program that has students engaged from the moment the workshop commences. Its high energy, participatory nature provides a dynamic learning opportunity for students of all ages.

Interactive Drumming Workshop – Hens Party

I’ve heard lots of compliments of how comfortable you personally made all of the attendees feel and everyone felt very at ease from the start. So a huge thank you and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone!

Interactive Drumming Show – St Joseph’s College, Geelong

A vibrant, energetic performance thoroughly enjoyed by the students and staff that enabled full participation while capturing our school’s themes.  

Corporate Training Session – Moorabool Shire Council

What I thought was really exciting about Afrobeat was their ability to get ALL of our team members involved in the activity. We were thrilled to see new skills emerge within individuals in our group.  It was a great corporate training session with a refreshing and invigorating twist.

Conference Opener – International Speaker Rowdy McLean, ‘Play a Bigger Game’

Afrobeat are easy to work with, professional, eager to help and most importantly deliver on the experience!

Team Building Drumming – SLADE GROUP

Firstly – easy to deal with and responsive. Then great energy, worked the room, engaging and lots of fun. A completely different, high impact 45 minutes that beats other team activities!

Interactive Drumming Workshops – Point Lonsdale Primary School

It truly is an unforgettable experience for students and staff alike and at the heart of it is a driving rhythm that brings the school community together in a magical way.

Team Building Drumming with BP

Nothing but great experiences dealing with all staff. Afrobeat were excellent – they have obviously done this for years & clearly love the experience with every new group – like the pied piper – quite fascinating to watch Janine do her magic. I thought it would be fun, but the experience was so much better…

African Drum & Dance Show – St John’s Primary School


End of Conference Day Energiser – Insignia Pty Ltd, Gold Coast

Afrobeat was a high energy activity at the end of the conference day which was needed after heavy content sessions!

Interactive Drumming Workshops – Sovereign Hill Music Festival

Energetic, entertaining and exciting are words that come to mind when recollecting Afrobeat’s drum workshops… 60 or more children and parents participated in this event where the traditional barrier between performer and audience was well and truly broken! The excellent communication skills of the Afrobeat performers, particularly with young children, and their ability to involve…

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We're EVERY child gets a drum & an invitation to join in!

Afrobeat deliver a FUN, hands-on, educational, and entertaining, music-making experience that allows for all abilities to experience success and guarantees to keep 3 -5 year olds on the beat... and on their toes from start to finish!


African Drumming in Schools

With EVERY BEAT, young people build a sense of connection, success, empowerment, & wellbeing!

Afrobeat captures the imagination of its audiences while inspiring cultural awareness, diversity, team spirit, and connection. Drumming together also focuses on developing social skills, respect, confidence, and promoting creativity.

African drumming in schools

Looking for 'something different' these school holidays?

Anyone can beat the Drum - But with the help of Afrobeat, your children will learn how to MAKE MUSIC! Within minutes, Afrobeat will have your children transformed from a cacophony of noise into a lively percussion orchestra filled with excitement, enthusiasm and joy!


One of the most inspiring group activities guaranteed to connect EVERYONE in the room within minutes! – the effect is immediate & infectious! Afrobeat deliver an inspiring Interactive Drumming Experience where EVERYONE gets a drum & an invitation to join in! Perfect for Conferences, Team Building, Leadership Training, Mindfulness, Entertainment, Ice Breakers, and non-speaking engagements!

Quality African Drumming products, at great prices, delivered to your door!

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Do what you LOVE, inspire others, & make a diference...

This is the ONLY Drum Facilitator Training to equip you with EVERYTHING you need to be successful, confident, and start right away!

Whether you want to Integrate an interactive drumming program into your School, Community Group, Early Learning Centre, or Organisation; Build your community, Develop your skills, Join our Team, or Start your own DRUMS TALK™ business... we’re here to teach you how and support you all the way!

Ditch the role of spectator, & become part of the show!™
A unique audience-interactive African entertainment experience guaranteed to WOW! Check out our Interactive Drumming Show, African Drum & Dance Show, Acoustic African Vibes, & African Drummers for your next event!

Ground breaking studies show drumming benefits the immune system, stress levels and mood. By 'keeping the beat' drummers learn to quiet the mind, regain focus, and feel a sense of calm. This promotes relaxation, a healthy mind, and a re connection with self and others. After a year of social isolation, we all need some drumming in our life!

Drum Teacher Training

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