Community Building

When we drum together, we build community ONE beat at a time!

Hosting an Afrobeat Interactive drumming experience is a great way to give back to your community, strengthen your team dynamic, and foster friendship and support.

Remove social barriers in a non-intimidating, and fun atmosphere.

Participants relax, gain enthusiasm and the necessary confidence to fully participate in other activities together. Get people talking and feeling good about themselves and their community! Afrobeat creates an atmosphere of fun, success, and being part of something special. Participants learn the art of working together without words, building dynamic sounds and polyrhythmic compositions traditional to African Music, leaving them uplifted, energised and inspired!

We LOVE what we do and we do it with genuine joy and compassion. These traits along with our specialised skills and training; and 20 years experience working with diverse people and group dynamics makes us a popular choice for clients looking for something unique, inspiring and appropriate for their group or community event!

What others are saying...

DRUMMING COURSE – Werrington Youth Centre, NSW 1

These workshops were highly successful in bringing together our community. Participants learned the beautiful rhythms of Africa and their cultural stories. We learned how different rhythms were specific to different celebrations & customs. It was an enlightening experience for all involved. During these workshops, we were approached by the producers of Channel 10’s

DRUMMING COURSE – Werrington Youth Centre, NSW 2

…’Totally Wild’ to film a story on African Drumming. It was an extremely exciting time, bringing a community of young people, parents & workers together. Janine is very sincere & genuine & has the ability to energise a group of people & inspire them to share with her the wonderful rhythms & dances of Africa.

Sovereign Hill Music Festival – Managing Director of Mushroom Marketing 1

Energetic, Entertaining & Exciting! Afrobeat introduced members of the audience to the art of African Drumming by inviting them to participate in a group music ‘jam’. 60 or more children & parents participated in the event where traditional barrier between performer and audience was well and truly broken!…

Sovereign Hill Music Festival – Managing Director of Mushroom Marketing 2

The excellent communication skills of Afrobeat, particularly with young children, and their ability to involve all members of the audience made these workshops a highlight of the Festival. It was no surprise that the feedback from was fantastic and I would expect that this experience would live long in their memories.

Dog Diversity Group

Brilliant! We had a much needed laugh at ourselves.

AFRICAN DRUM & DANCE SHOW – Ubuntu Festival, MAV (Multicultural Arts Victoria)

Afrobeat were fantastic! We would definitely book them again. Overall they were great professionals and performed well as always.

AFRICAN DRUMMING WORKSHOPS – Youth Camp, SLASA (Spanish & Latin-American Ass for Social Assistance)

We were impressed with Janine’s performance & standard of professionalism towards her work. The young people were very enthusiastic toward her and the skills she had to offer. Janine possesses excellent communication skills and has no difficulties relating to people at all levels. Her methods of teaching were very simple & easy to understand.

Senior’s Drumming Workshop – Penrith Older Women’s Network Inc, NSW

Our group, had the privilege & pleasure of participating in a workshop lead by Janine. The expertise and clear direction given by Janine enabled our group to be comfortable participating & learning African Drumming. Janine’s enthusiasm was evident & she passed this onto the group.  

Corporate Family Day, SHELL – Melbourne, VIC

Really good feedback. Even people who didn’t participate LOVED the atmosphere it created and the kids loved it. Yes it was everything I expected and more!

Ideas for your Community

Community Building

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Community Drumming Options

Afrobeat Team Building Drumming

Interactive Drumming Workshop

Afrobeat Youth Drumming

Interactive Drumming Show

Team Building drumming

African Drumming Course

Afrobeat Drum with us

Wellness Drumming Course

Afrobeat is committed to the safety of our community!

*Covid Safe Drumming TIPS*

1. Wash your hands before touching the drums

2. Respect social distancing between Participants and Facilitator

3. Participants exhibiting 'symptoms' should not participate in the activity

4. Where necessary, our Facilitator will wear a mask