Doundoun Drum Accessories

You’ll need some solid hardwood drum sticks for playing your douns, a bell if you’re going traditional, and some legs and hooks if you prefer to play ‘Ballet style’ (upright).

All your Doundoun needs right here!

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Banana Bells

African Banana Bells

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Doun doun Bell Strikers

African Bell Striker

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Frikywa Bell

African Frikywa Bell

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dunun drum bag set

Afro Cotton Doun Bags

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Doun Hooks (Pair)

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West African Doundoun stand set

Doun Stand Set (4 legs)

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Drum Stick Bag

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Doundoun Drum Sticks

Hardwood Doun Sticks (Pair)

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Doundoun Drum Sticks

Mahogany Doun Sticks (Pair)

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