Conference Drumming

Start your conference with a BANG!
Grab your delegate’s attention
Revitalise tired minds after lunch
Reinforce your message & Send delegates home on a high!

Here’s an ACTION packed, audience-interactive drumming spectacular that's guaranteed to WOW, revive the senses, and leave delegates feeling uplifted, re-energised, and inspired for success!

There’s nothing like a motivational NON-speaker to give your conference the ultimate platform on which to deliver the company message and send delegates home full of self, team and company belief, as well as a positive recollection of your conference. AFROBEAT knows how to keep delegates energised, entertained and focused throughout your conference, and the rhythm ensures your message and content of the day will be remembered, talked about and shared long after your event.

See us in Action!

See how we connect 750 delegates within minutes to the BEAT of the drum! Everyone belongs - Everyone has a part to play!

Success Stories

Meeting Opener – Cottage by the Sea, Queenscliff (PART 1)

Thanks so much it was a great way to start the day off before our meeting. From all accounts everyone enjoyed the session so thank you. A lot of fun and a great euphemism for our corporate journey and aspirations to be…

Meeting Opener – Cottage by the Sea, Queenscliff (PART 2)

…a harmonious workplace. This was a creative fun approach towards team building and unity. Great right / left brain activity, providing creative escapism.

Conference Participant – Sydney (PART 1)

We had Afrobeat attend the afternoon of our annual planning day. I was overjoyed to walk into the function room after a break, only to find the room set up in three rows of chairs, with a drum in front of each. My joy grew exponentially as I sank into…

Conference Participant – Sydney (PART 2)

…the meditation and excitement of drumming within the group; after 40 minutes of this I was hooked, and myself and a colleague signed up to Janine’s community classes.

DRUMMING COURSE – Werrington Youth Centre, NSW 1

These workshops were highly successful in bringing together our community. Participants learned the beautiful rhythms of Africa and their cultural stories. We learned how different rhythms were specific to different celebrations & customs. It was an enlightening experience for all involved. During these workshops, we were approached by the producers of Channel 10’s

DRUMMING COURSE – Werrington Youth Centre, NSW 2

…’Totally Wild’ to film a story on African Drumming. It was an extremely exciting time, bringing a community of young people, parents & workers together. Janine is very sincere & genuine & has the ability to energise a group of people & inspire them to share with her the wonderful rhythms & dances of Africa.

6 week Drumming Program for At-risk Youth – Leaps and Bounds 1

Leaps and Bounds staff and students had a great term, which culminated in a brilliant performance. Indeed, the facilitator was very charismatic & always appropriate for our students who all have different issues and difficulties. The performance in front of parents driven by Afrobeat’s enthusiasm & belief in them was an amazing feat for students…

6 week Drumming Program for At-risk Youth – Leaps and Bounds 2

…who may never have an opportunity to show their skills or push their limits in front of an audience, particularly one who they believe may be sceptical or negative. They put their fears aside, and the looks on their faces showed how important this event (and the previous lessons) had been.

Sovereign Hill Music Festival – Managing Director of Mushroom Marketing 1

Energetic, Entertaining & Exciting! Afrobeat introduced members of the audience to the art of African Drumming by inviting them to participate in a group music ‘jam’. 60 or more children & parents participated in the event where traditional barrier between performer and audience was well and truly broken!…

Sovereign Hill Music Festival – Managing Director of Mushroom Marketing 2

The excellent communication skills of Afrobeat, particularly with young children, and their ability to involve all members of the audience made these workshops a highlight of the Festival. It was no surprise that the feedback from was fantastic and I would expect that this experience would live long in their memories.

INTERACTIVE DRUM & DANCE SHOW – Oatlands Primary School, VIC 1

It was an awesome show yesterday! Huge full school attendance and an epic high energy and engaging interactive performance! The students were welcomed with beautiful kora music and drumming. Later, several students were invited to the stage and guided through a drumming workshop…

INTERACTIVE DRUM & DANCE SHOW – Oatlands Primary School, VIC 2

…while the rest of the school clapped along, and everyone was in awe of the dancing and flips and somersaults that followed! High energy drumming and a phenomenal show! The teachers drum and dance inclusion towards the end was enjoyed by all, and the guys were real pros: such a powerful combo!

AFRICAN DRUM & DANCE SHOW – Bannockburn Primary School, VIC

A fantastic high energy performance. We were clapping and stamping our feet from start to finish. Kept 550 kids enthralled for the whole show!


The whole school loved the experience. The kids really enjoyed the smaller group experience where they all had access to a drum… Initially I was thinking the first small group activity would be too short however having seen the kids in action they were pooped after the 25 minutes. The staff loved the experience, Thank-you!


Afrobeat is not your average music program to visit a school. It offers so much more! Afrobeat brings the kids together in rhythm, makes it contagious enough for the teachers to want to play along, and invites the school community to come together in a way that is truly special. It’s clear to see Afrobeat…


…weaves the very best of this cultural drumming & offers it to Aussie school kids in a way that makes sense, excites them & lets them experience African culture and music in their classrooms. At its heart  is a driving rhythm that brings the school community together in magical way!

AFRICAN DRUM & DANCE SHOW – Bacchus Marsh Primary School, VIC

EXACTLY what I was looking for! The entire audience (Prep-Year 6, and teachers) was into the show. Entertaining and interactive. Fantastic!


Our facilitator was excellent the children thoroughly enjoyed their first session, as did I! Fantastic, enlivening, well pitched to children!

AFRICAN DRUM & DANCE SHOW – St Michael’s Primary School, VIC

Performance was great, high impact, very interactive and absolutely loved by all the children!

HARMONY DAY PERFORMANCE – Glen Huntley Primary School, VIC

Thank-you for a fantastic performance at the school’s Harmony Day celebrations. The students loved it and the teachers all agreed it was the best visiting performance we have had. Please pass on my thanks to the performers.

There are 4 prime times to schedule drumming into your Conference Day...

African Drumming conference openers

1. Start your Conference with a BANG!

Drumming is an unbeatable opener to any conference size.

With many companies having offices all over the country and with working from home becoming increasingly popular, many of the delegates attending a conference will not have met each other before or not connected in a long time.

So if people don't know each other, how on earth will you get them to effectively communicate with each other?

Drumming together is an excellent ice breaker that helps to remove social barriers in a non-intimidating, fun atmosphere. Participants relax, gain enthusiasm and the necessary confidence to fully participate in the conference or later learning and networking experiences.

Guaranteed to unite everyone in the room within minutes, drumming together has the power to connect, engage, and transform audiences to the beat of the drum. It will give your conference speakers a solid platform on which to deliver the company message.

A drumming energiser doesn't have to be time consuming. In fact a good drumming energiser can last as little as fifteen minutes and have a great impact.

Drumming together fosters greater levels of participation in both small group, and whole group activities, and engenders an enhanced sense of well-being and contentedness among delegates.

African Drumming with Afrobeat

2. The ‘Graveyard’ hour – the hour directly after lunch!

This is a prime time for a conference energiser. It's the time of the nodding heads, as your delegates struggle to keep awake as a direct result of a good lunch and a comfy seat. Drumming together will get your delegates moving around, interacting and get the blood pumping around their bodies to wake them up!


African Drumming conference openers

3. Small Group Break-outs – Meet ‘The Drum Room’

Keep people energised and focused by planning regular 'mind breaks' to stimulate productivity and contribution.

Take a mind break, meet the alpha-state, release those stress endorphins, and explore the ingredients of team success with Afrobeat's Interactive Group Drumming! The Drum Room is a designated space with a round circle of chairs and African Drums on offer. Small groups of delegates can rotate through the activity throughout the day, creating their own music in a facilitated Interactive Drumming experience.

African Drumming Corporate Entertainment with Afrobeat

4. Send your delegate’s home with an extremely positive and memorable message!

The drum and its rhythms have inspired solidarity, empowered, and mobilised the human spirit since ancient times, making ‘drumming together’ the perfect way to end your conference.

Often the most effective time for a conference drumming energiser happens just before the conclusion of the conference. Energise them then, and they'll go away on a high! They will be full of self, team and company belief and they will have a positive recollection of your conference when they leave. This could possibly be the most important time of the day for an energizer.

Afrobeat’s conference energisers are a powerful platform on which to deliver your message of the day, and can be effective for any group size, and venue.

Other applications for Interactive Drumming...

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Offsite Meetings
  • Corporate dinners
  • Team building
  • Open/Closing ceremony
  • Staff motivation
  • Team Incentives & Rewards
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Learning & Development
  • Leadership training
  • Organisational change
  • Planning Day
  • Conventions
  • In-house Meetings
  • Health and wellbeing focus
  • Company retreats
  • Company Announcement
  • Road Show