More about our West African Djembe Drums

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Our African Djembes feature...

  • Nothing over 9.5 kg so you have no trouble hauling it in and out of your car, carrying it on your back or strapping it on comfortably for performance (keep in mind your own height to weight ratio when choosing the right djembe weight for you!)
  • Standard adult sizes - 12” – 13.5” playing diameter
  • Standard adult height - 60 – 62 cm (you cannot go wrong with this!)
  • Well-rounded playing edge for improved playing comfort - with rings and rope positioned perfectly to ensure ease of play
  • High tensile, nylon-core yachting rope that will not slip. Once tuned correctly, your drum will stay tuned longer, and need less ongoing maintenance.
  • Australian Feral and farmed premium goat skins cleaned with a natural organic wash, not irradiated, or chemically treated, so they retain their natural oils, sound, and durability.
  • Solid sustainably-sourced timber from renewable plantations – our pick is Twenaboa from Ghana, and Djala & Lenke hardwood timbers from Guinea
  • Thin, Med, Thick Skin Density - these may need to be chosen for their individual suitability to each shell during construction for best result


About Skin Density

Thinner skins

  • Responsive
  • sound higher and brighter
  • easier on the hands for new players

Medium skins

  • well balanced
  • warm tones and bright slaps

Thick skins

  • Rich and warm
  • Once settled, have a very melodic quality


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