Drum Skin Warranty

Drum Skin Warranty

Afrobeat offer a warranty on drum skins only.

Djembe skins breaking are a natural occurrence of having a drum.

All skins eventually break.

Each skin has a history and life force, some will last years, while others may only last 6 months (or less).

This is a given and expected phenomenon and should be realistically anticipated.

If the skin IS going to break prematurely, it will generally happen within the first 6 months, which is why we offer you the following warranty on our drum skins.

If skin breakage occurs within

1 month

AFROBEAT will organise to replace or re-skin your drum and return it to you FREE of charge.

1-2 months

AFROBEAT will cover 75% of the repair cost to your drum and customer pays for all postage

2-5 months

AFROBEAT will cover 50% of the repair cost and the customer pays for all postage.


To help prevent skin breakage, please read our Drum Care & Maintenance guide