3. Guinea ELITE Pro Djembe [Lenke Hardwood]


‘Pimp my Djembe #3’

Exclusive to Afrobeat – Customise your very own African Djembe Drum Online!

Our Guinea Elite Djembes have been specially selected as our high end soloist djembe. Made from premium heartwood Lenke timber from Guinea (also known as the spirit wood of West Africa), these djembe shells are considered to bestow some of the best sound qualities including great projection, noticeable depth of sound, crisp slaps, and warm tones. Time and attention has been taken to craft more comfortable playing edges, and add practical extras like non-slip rubber bases, and woven handle to attach playing strap.

Choose from:

  • Main Rope colour: Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, White
  • Ring Rope colour: Black (as standard)
  • Skin Density preference: Thin, Med, Thick
  • Carving: Minimal Base around the bottom (standard) or FULL Trunk carving
  • Embellishment: Have some brass tacks added for decorative detail
  • Djembe Height: Choose higher end around 64.5 cm or the lower end closer to 62 cm
  • Djembe Diameter: Choose the larger – around 14″ or the smaller closer to 12.5 – 13″

Please note:

Actual carvings and timber hues will vary from drum to drum

1 week turnaround on custom build before shipping

Before finalising your custom order, please learn more about our West African Drums here

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Diameter: 12.5” – 14″

Height: 62 – 64.5 cm

Weight: 7 – 9.5 kg

Rope: High tensile, nylon-core yachting rope that won’t slip. Once tuned correctly, your drum will stay tuned longer, and need less ongoing maintenance.

Rings: Wrapped in vibrant African prints

Timber: Lenke Heartwood – Solid sustainably-sourced from renewable plantations

Shell construction: Well-rounded playing edge for improved playing comfort – with rings and rope positioned perfectly to ensure ease of play.

Skin: Afro Cow / Australian Feral and farmed premium goat skins cleaned with a natural organic wash, not irradiated or chemically treated, so they retain their natural oils, sound and durability.

Skin Density: Thin, Med, Thick (these are chosen for their individual suitability to each shell during construction)

Photos are indicative only
External carvings, timber hues, rope colour, and skin density will vary.



Additional information

Weight11 kg
Main Rope Colour

Black, Yellow, Red, Green, White, Orange, Purple

Ring Rope colour

Black (as standard)

Skin Density

Thin, Medium, Thick


Minimal Base around the bottom (standard), Full Trunk Carving

Add Embellishment

Yes, No

Djembe Height

Taller, Shorter

Djembe Diameter

Larger, Smaller