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Important FAQs about becoming a DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator

No experience Necessary?

DRUMS TALK™ Facilitator Training welcomes participants of all experience levels including those with no facilitator, teaching, music, or entertainment experience. But let’s face it – personality; some musical, drumming, dance, or drama experience, ability to connect with others, and a ‘Go for it!’ attitude goes a long way!

I’ve done other Drum Facilitator Trainings – Is this the same?

This is like no other course out there! DRUMS TALK!™ is the ONLY Drumming Facilitator Training to equip you with EVERYTHING you need to be successful, confident, and start right away. We’re also the ONLY Drum Facilitator Training to equip you with the knowledge, skills, resources and SUPPORT to start your own DRUMS TALK!™ drumming business – wherever you are! Why are we doing this? Because we want YOU to be successful, supported, and effective in your role as a DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator.

Whether you're looking for new skills, a career change or an additional source of income, DRUMS TALK!™ is the right move. Designed for flexibility, fun, AND results, the DRUMS TALK!™ program makes it easy to set your own agenda and run as many (or as few) sessions as you want, specialise in your area of interest or expertise, and know ‘we’ve got your back!’ every step of the way!

Get the ‘How to’ blueprint for ‘Interactive Group Drumming Success’ with direct access to 20 years experience in the drumming business, the actual FORMULA we use with groups every day, ongoing educational opportunities, resources, and business mentoring; and the support of your exclusive DRUMS TALK™ Community.

If you’ve completed other Drum Facilitator or Music training, DRUMS TALK™ can be the perfect extension to your previous learning, compliment what you already know, or offer you the missing piece of the puzzle you’ve been searching for!

So whether you’re wanting to integrate the DRUMS TALK!™ program into your School, Community Group, Early Learning Centre, or Organisation; Build your community, Develop your Facilitator skills, Join our dynamic Team, or Start your own successful DRUMS TALK!™ business... we’re here to teach you how and support you all the way!

Will the DRUMS TALK™ Facilitator Training allow me to get out there and do it straight away?

Yes it will! DRUMS TALK!™ is the ONLY Drum Facilitator Training to equip you with EVERYTHING you need to be successful, confident, and start right away.

We give you the result of 20 years training and experience delivered in an intensive 2 day course, full of practical hands on experience, and ongoing support.  After completing the DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator – Basic 1 Training, you can begin facilitating whenever you feel comfortable and ready.

Are there any prerequisites to taking the DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator training?

Anyone 18 years or older may attend a DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator Training. The Basic 1 Course is an entry level training so there are no prerequisites.

However, it helps if you've already experienced DRUMS TALK!™ as a participant or if you have previous experience in teaching, facilitating, public speaking, drama, music or dance. You will be delighted to find out just how transferable these skills and experiences are, and be able to adapt it to what you learn at the training.

DRUMS TALK™ Facilitator Training welcomes participants of all experience levels including those with no musical or teaching experience. You don't need to be the best drummer to be the best facilitator!

There are always a percentage of Facilitator Training participants who have never experienced DRUMS TALK!™ or taken an African Drumming class before. While it may take them longer to practice and get started, they can be equally as successful.

What happens after the training?

After completing the DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator – Basic 1 Training, you can begin facilitating whenever you feel comfortable and ready. Every DRUMS TALK!™ facilitator is an independent contractor, which gives you the freedom to set your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. with any group you choose to work with.

Is there a demand for DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitators?

Yes! The demand for group drumming continues to grow. Not only is there a demand, but you can easily create more of a demand. Many drum facilitators created a demand in their area simply because there were no other drumming facilitators or interactive drumming experiences available in their area and groups wanted to try out the benefits of drumming together. When the buzz spreads, these facilitators are suddenly in high demand.

How do I become a DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator?

The first step is to complete a DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator Training – Basic 1 Course. To view the dates and locations of upcoming courses, visit our Facilitator Training page. There are no prerequisites to becoming a DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator, although a music background and a great connection with people is always a plus. Anyone 18 years or older may attend a DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator Training.

What is the DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator Training?

The DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator Training – Basic 1 Course is a condensed 2 day training that will prepare you with the foundations, methodologies, tools, formula, and step-by-step facilitation process to present the DRUMS TALK!™ Interactive Drumming Program.

What’s covered in the course?

Facilitator Tools & Hands-on Practice

Interactive Demonstrations & Role Play

Uses, Applications & Benefits of Group Drumming

DRUMS TALK!™ Formula, Facilitation Process, Methodologies & Rhythms

How to adapt DRUMS TALK!™ to your strengths, passion, interest, or expertise

Start-up advice for your DRUMS TALK!™ business

As part of the Facilitator Training, you will receive the following materials:

The DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator’s Handbook / Workbook

Certificate / License to begin Facilitating the DRUMS TALK!™ Interactive Drumming Program immediately

How do I sign up for the Facilitator Training

In order to sign up for the Facilitator Training, go to ‘Facilitator Training’ on our website and locate your Facilitator Training of choice. Then fill out the form with your billing and participant information and select your preferred payment option. (Note: If you do not have a promotional code, please leave it blank.) If you are having trouble signing up or have special circumstances, just call our office or contact your Trainer.

Also, when you type in your email address, please be careful and make sure it is accurate. Your receipt and all correspondence including venue details will be sent to this address. In addition, make sure your name is typed exactly as you would like it to appear on your certificate.

After I have signed up for the Facilitator Training, what's next?

After submitting your registration, you will receive an email confirming that your registration is complete along with venue & accommodation details, and participant survey. Expect a second email about a week before the Facilitator Training from the Trainer. Logistical details such as parking, lunch, schedule, etc. will be explained at this time.

How long is the DRUMS TALK Certificate of completion / License valid for?

A DRUMS TALK!™ certificate of completion (license) is valid for one year. As with any reputable occupation, a professional is expected to keep up-to-date on industry knowledge and stay fresh with their industry skills.

DRUMS TALK!™ wants its Facilitators to be the best in the industry and maintain a high level of expertise and proficiency. To help facilitators attain and maintain this status, DRUMS TALK!™ provides opportunities for continuing education and professional development; and requires all DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitators to update their skills annually in order to renew their Facilitator certificate.

How do I renew my certificate of completion (License) after one year?

There are several ways to renew your license so you can continue presenting DRUMS TALK!™

1. Become a DRUMS TALK!™ Member: DRUMS TALK!™ offers a comprehensive continuing education program to all DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitators who are part of the DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitators Network. DRUMS TALK!™ Members are constantly receiving new content to boost their Facilitator skills and evolve their DRUMS TALK!™ Formula, along with a wealth of marketing materials and ideas to help ensure lifelong success. The benefits are numerous, and of course, DRUMS TALK!™ Members in good standing are always considered ‘Current DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitators’, meaning their certificate and license is always valid as long as they are a DRUMS TALK!™ Member.

2. Sign up for the DRUMS TALK!™ Basic 2 Facilitator Training: If you attend a DRUMS TALK!™ Basic 2 Facilitator Training before your 12-month expiration period, you will receive a certificate that will extend your license to facilitate DRUMS TALK!™ for another year. Please note that most Facilitators who want to take a Basic 2 Facilitator Training choose to join DRUMS TALK!™ first (see #1 above) because they then receive the Basic 2 Facilitator Training at a 50% discount.

3. Retake the DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator Training – Basic 1 Course. By retaking the DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator Training, you'll not only renew your certificate, you'll get a fresh perspective on facilitating DRUMS TALK!™ - an evolving program.

I have a conflict and must leave before the Facilitator Training is over. Can I still get my certificate of completion if I leave early?

If you have a conflict, we highly recommend that you take a Facilitator Training at another time when you are able to stay for the entire duration. DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitators are highly regarded and we want to be sure you receive the utmost level of training before you leave. There is a great deal of information packed into the Facilitator Training. If you leave early, you may not feel completely prepared.

What should I bring and wear to the Facilitator Training?

You should bring

A good size Djembe Drum (50 – 60+ cm tall with a generous playing surface). If you don’t have one, we can provide one for you FREE of charge, or you can purchase one from Afrobeat on booking to bring with you.

While Morning & Afternoon Tea is provided, we recommend you bring your own bottle of water, a healthy snack, and lunch

Although we provide a Facilitator handbook / workbook, we recommend you bring a notebook and pen to take additional notes

Dress comfortably and appropriately for playing drums

May I record audio, videotape or take pictures at the facilitator training?

Still image cameras are allowed. Audio recording, Video or DVD motion pictures are not allowed. We request that phones be switched off during session.

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