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Do what you LOVE, Inspire others, & Make a difference the BEAT of the Drum!

DRUMS TALK!™ is the ONLY Drum Facilitator Training to equip you with EVERYTHING you need to be successful, confident, and start right away.


What makes this so?


More than just skills and musical games! Get the actual DRUMS TALK interactive drumming formula we use every day! No fluff, no more, no less,  without the overwhelm.


Flexible Formula > The DRUMS TALK for KiDs Facilitator Training is built on the premise that if you can deliver successful experiences for little people, you can apply it to ANY group / context!


DRUMS TALK Facilitator training takes you beyond the games and drum facilitation skills. Learn how to read your group, understand group dynamics and individual behaviour, and adapt in-the-moment to ensure non-stop musical momentum.


Understand the WHY behind every part of our Formula. Understanding Why we do what we do, when we do it makes you confident in your DELIVERY!


Belong to an inspiring, talented, like minded community of aspiring Drum Facilitators who want to take their Drum Facilitation skills to the next level and truly help to transform lives.


Want to start your own drumming business with the support of an industry mentor and drum facilitator coach with more than 26 years experience? Done!

Whether you’re wanting to integrate the DRUMS TALK!™ program into your School, Community Group, Early Learning Centre, or Organisation; Build your community, Develop your Facilitator skills, Join our Team, or Start your own successful DRUMS TALK!™ business... we’re here to teach you how and support you all the way!

One of the most inspiring, interactive group activities guaranteed to connect EVERYONE in the room within minutes, DRUMS TALK!™ is a tried and tested, successful interactive drumming formula designed, developed, and practiced over 26 years.

With its limitless applications and adaptable format, DRUMS TALK!™ has the flexibility to resonate with diverse audiences and contexts, provide REAL outcomes and benefits; and allow you to specialise in your area of interest, passion or expertise.

Unpack the whole Drum Facilitator role and interactive group drumming experience together as I share my experience an dinsights into group drumming and drum facilitation.

Get the ‘How to’ blue print for Interactive Group Drumming Success, giving you the confidence to get out there and present a successful and rewarding interactive drumming experience for ANY group.

The DRUMS TALK!™ Drum Facilitator Training  offers you the specialised tools, practice, and support you need to run a successful DRUMS TALK!™ program, start your own DRUMS TALK!™ business, or join our dynamic & talented Team!



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Get the tools you need to be a successful DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitator!


The DRUMS TALK!™ Formula

Learn our responsive formula and how to harness the various elements to build an effective and flexible in-the-moment experience for participants.


The Facilitators TOOLBOX™

Get your Facilitator’s TOOLBOX™ started with everything you need to start Facilitating DRUMS TALK!™ right away – including ice breakers, musical activities, Facilitator language, interactive rhythmical content & More!


Basic Rhythms ANYONE can play!

Learn the DRUMS TALK!™ rhythms & how to break them down for anyone to play.


DRUMS TALK!™ Facilitators License

Receive your license to begin Facilitating the DRUMS TALK!™ Interactive Drumming Program

Drum Facilitator Training
Drum Facilitator Training
Drum Facilitator Training on demand

Success Story

'We received great information out of the training, and great confidence in facilitating our own drumming sessions. Everyone enjoyed themselves over the weekend.

Janine, as an instructor, you were such an inspiration to us all, in so many different ways. The workshop content and facilitation techniques were well-directed, as you were able to convey the information to us all, who were such a mixed group of people at all different levels of skills and abilities. It was lovely to meet you, you are truly an amazing and inspirational person!

The school holidays have since commenced, and we have conducted two sessions on our own. I noticed that we have made great progress in our skills between the first and second week, and each week we are analysing what we can do to make the following week even better. By the second week, we were more confident in our facilitation skills, and had good support from the other facilitators. We noticed that the kids enjoyed playing alongside other adults from the community, and sharing the joy of making music with those that they aspire to. The program is building momentum with each week, and more community leaders are supporting troubled kids to build the courage to attend and participate. Steve and Adrielle, who attended the weekend workshop, are also gaining their own courage to facilitate in front of the group, and are keen to lead the group next week.

The drumming program has been great at breaking down the communication barrier between police and community, and it provides a good situation where the community can approach police and ask questions in a non-confrontational setting'.

Constable Cath Purcell
A Crime Prevention Initiative
Doomadgee Police, Nth QLD