Booking - Terms & Conditions

This is a legally binding contract. Please read carefully before ticking the box.

If anything is unclear, please let us know and we will be happy to clarify.


Booking Terms

To Secure your Booking and our availability

  • Online Booking Agreement must be completed
  • 50% booking deposit must be paid within 7 days of receipt of invoice

Final payment is required prior to event. BALANCE of payment is due 7 days prior to your event unless otherwise stated on your invoice

Payments received PRIOR to completing a booking agreement is considered ‘contract’ and bound by the same Booking Terms & Conditions stated herein

At short notice, FULL payment will be required on booking to secure your booking and guarantee service delivery on the day.

If no payment is received prior to your booked event, Afrobeat reserves the right to no show. This is considered a cancellation by you and cancellation terms apply (see below)


Cancellations, Rescheduling, Credit, & Refund Terms

Cancellation must be received in writing

Cancellation within 14 days prior to your event – Less 50%

Cancellation within 7 days or less prior to event – Less 100%

Reschedule your booking within 3 months (no transfer fee)

Credit issued and used towards a future booking/s of the same value within 6 months (no transfer fee)

Refund minus pre-incurred expenses

  • if we or our sub-contractors have lost a potential booking in favour of yours on the same day (Cancellation fee 50%)
  • pre-incurred logistical, travel, sound, or accommodation expenses relating to your booking
  • credit card processing fees / international exchange fees & bank charges in relation to accepting / refunding your payment


Please note:

If no arrangement or communication has been made by you regarding an intended cancellation, reschedule or credit, you forfeit any payments already made. Refund becomes void after 6 months.


If Afrobeat cancel

In the rare / unlikely event that Afrobeat Facilitators or Artists are unable to deliver on the day due to sudden illness, or circumstances that are beyond our control, and we are unable to find a replacement at short notice, the client will be given the option of receiving a refund, reschedule, or credit.


Covid Cancellation Policy

Reschedule your booking within 3 months (no transfer fee)

Credit issued and used towards a future booking/s of the same value within 6 months *Negotiable

Full Refund is available in the event

  • You are unable to reschedule or accept a credit for future redemption within the time frame
  • Covid lockdown or Covid restrictions prevent you having Afrobeat come to you
  • Independent restrictions are imposed by your employer


Please note:

If no arrangement or timely communication has been made by you regarding an intended ‘covid’ cancellation, reschedule or credit, you forfeit any payments already made. Refund becomes void after 6 months.


The Fee

The quoted amount is a fixed fee for the duration and activity as described.

The fee will not be reduced in the event of

  • a lesser number of participants attending
  • less drums being used on the day
  • shortened workshop / performance time due to on site issues / delays


Additional participants / drums added

Please notify Afrobeat no less than 24 hours prior to your event if you would like to add more drums or participants.

This way we can organise more drums if needed or determine if we need to run additional sessions (time) to ensure no one misses out.

In the event that we are only advised of these changes on the day, we will do our best to accommodate by dividing the group and presenting shorter additional sessions with the drums we have available.

Our availability to offer this on the day will be determined by the Facilitator's commitments as they may have another booking following yours.

You will be invoiced separately for the additional participants and / or drums. This fee must be paid within 7 days following your event.

If those additional participants you requested drums for don’t show on the day, you are still liable for payment because Afrobeat have supplied and reserved the additional drums for your event. Meaning they were not available for another client or event.

Please contact Afrobeat directly via email or phone to add participants / drums.


Changes to your Booking on the day

Any program deviation that causes delay or requires extended workshop / performance time or lay time on site may incur an additional fee. Particularly if this affects or jeopardises a later booking for another client on the same day.

While we do our best to be flexible to your needs, once your booking is set, we may be unable to meet changes to logistics of time, location, participant number, or type of service / presentation (especially at short notice).

In this instance it may be considered a cancellation of booking and our cancellation policy may apply. If you can reschedule to a more suitable date that allows us more time to coordinate changes, we are happy to do this for you.


Damaged, lost, or stolen equipment

The Client is liable for the cost of replacement for damaged, missing, or stolen drums, instruments, sound equipment, or other items provided by Afrobeat for your event on the day.

It is important to play an active role in the supervision and handling / treatment of the drums / equipment by your group and individuals on the day.


Late payments

Afrobeat will make several efforts to contact you via email and phone.

If no action or communication has been forthcoming by you to resolve payment issues, a 10% late fee will be issued

Any invoice unpaid after 30 days will automatically be referred to an independent Debt Collection Agent.


A note regarding overdue payments

When you book Afrobeat, you agree to the terms and conditions stated herein.

Refusing to pay, is a breach of contract.

Afrobeat will not tolerate threats, abuse, or slander toward our business or team,

and will treat such behaviour or defamation of character / business with the appropriate legal action.


Photos & Filming Policy

Photos permitted. Please don’t hesitate to SHARE some good ones with us!

For intellectual property protection and copyright reasons FILMING of our show / workshop in its entirety IS NOT PERMITTED. Please advise in writing if you wish to film on the day so that we may provide recommended guidelines. *This should be communicated to other staff prior to our visit please.

Video snippets for the purpose of Social 'stories or Reels' is accepted. Please TAG @afrobeatdrumdance so that we can enjoy them too.


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