1 on 1 Drum Facilitator Coaching & Training


Have you been thinking about becoming a Drum Facilitator?

Would you like the chance to learn a tried and tested drum facilitation formula and grow your facilitator confidence with a coach and industry mentor by your side?

Drum Facilitator Training Australia

For a limited time and for a limited number of people, I'm offering this EXCLUSIVE opportunity to do just that!

Could you benefit from 1 on 1 Drum Facilitator Training & Mentoring with me?

I have never offered this before! But requests are frequent.

Once our 'new' VIRTUAL and LIVE Group Training launch, I will no longer be offering this opportunity.

Whether you've completed 'other' training, or this is your FIRST TIME...




Have you been practicing as a Drum Facilitator or Drum Teacher but finding you need to tweak your delivery for better engagement and outcomes for your group?


Have you completed 'other' training but feeling overwhelmed, or not feeling confident to get started?


Are you a Musician, Drummer or Percussionist looking to up-skill and start creating new work opportunities around your interests, passion, Covid restrictions, family commitments, or lifestyle goals?


Have you been consuming all the online resources and content out there but still need the LOGISTICS on 'how' to DELIVER it?


Want to know how to get your group to know you, like you, and trust you in the first 5 minutes?


Want to know how to engage your group from start to finish?


Want to inspire others and make a difference?


Do you want to be successful, confident, and start right away?


Do you want to provide real outcomes and benefits for your group?


Do you have a vision for your group drumming project and want some help making it happen?


If you answered YES to any of the above, then you will find everything you need in the 1:1 Drum Facilitator Coaching & Training opportunity.


I'm on this journey with you!


Here to help you learn, grow, and adapt INSIDE the Drum Circle...


So let's do this!

Your chance to work with me 1:1

Develop and practice a 'DONE FOR YOU' 6 week Interactive Drumming program via our LIVE 1:1 Coaching calls in the comfort of your home or office


Unpack the whole Drum Facilitator role and Interactive Group Drumming experience 'together'!


This will be the ONLY TIME, I'm sharing my experience and insights into Group Drumming, and drum facilitation, 1 on 1!


As some of you will know, I have effectively transitioned from student to performer, to teacher, to facilitator, to animated orchestra conductor who doesn't even need to LEAD from a drum to run an effective and all inclusive interactive drumming experience (thanks to a neck injury that made it too painful to drum).


As a Drum Facilitator, my role is not to LEAD in the traditional sense.


It's not about me as the performer, or the expert.


It's about the group and how to best SERVE them!


Once you realise this and learn to operate from this perspective - EVEN WITH NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE - you will no longer feel in the spotlight, allowing you to facilitate with ease and confidence!


Introduce your group to the interactive drumming experience as a tool for building community, culture, musicality, and confidence.


Develop, deliver, and fine-tune a formula tailored specifically to YOUR group's needs, your vision, and desired results.


Learn how to build instant rapport, instill trust, and engage your drumming group from start to finish.


Think of me as your personal mentor and coach - Someone who has been in the business of drumming, drum facilitation & teaching for 22 years, and achieved positive results working with every imaginable group dynamic, skill level, age, and ability.


I've worked with kindergarten children through to primary and secondary students, adults & children with disabilities, schools for the deaf and autistic, with full football stadiums and arenas, conferences, team building events, mindfulness and well being focused groups, in Aged Care working with dementia and Alzheimer patients, with children's cancer support groups, children who have lost a parent in the police force, refugees and migrants, people who don't speak the same language, and trained Aboriginal and PCYC community leaders in far north QLD so they could facilitate local community drumming events  ... well, you get the picture!


Teaching, and sharing my knowledge and experience... and helping YOU experience success WITHOUT all the trials and mistakes I've had to learn through ...that's my PASSION!


I'm so excited to work with you!

What you get...

An accelerated 6 week Program you can execute and practice AS I'm coaching you, and use again and again!

Exclusive 1 on 1 access to my 22 years experience - studying with International Master teachers, teaching, facilitating, conducting, and entertaining through the medium of the drum

A 'tailored' program specifically addressing your group's needs, desired learning outcomes, benefits, and vision

Facilitator's body language, Facilitation Tools, musical activities, beats, and ice breakers you can present and practice with your group in EVERY session

A personalised and tailored approach to help guide and nurture your group to the the beat of the drum

LIVE backing tracks to play along to with your group, a Step-by-step guide and formula you can follow, as well as check lists and so much more!

Includes a BONUS follow up call to check in and find out how you're travelling - helping to keep you accountable to your goals and vision, and also to debrief what's been working or not and how we can tweak it to keep you moving forward

This 1:1 Coaching is priceless!

Let me tell you how this works!

Delivered weekly over 6 weeks via a 1 hour LIVE Call with me which can be over the phone or over a Zoom Call.


Before Registering, you can click on the link to my online calendar where you can see when I am available and schedule our sessions together.


You will receive a welcome email that helps you prepare for our first session together.


Do you need a drum? No!   ... you can turn a bucket upside down if that's all you have available.


But if you do want to start with a drum, you don't have to go all out.


Most of my clients are getting themselves a Djembe 50+ from our online shop


It's absolutely sufficient for your role as a drum facilitator, and won't break the bank!


The training works best if you schedule your 6 week interactive drumming project with your group to begin AFTER your first session, but BEFORE our second session so that you can learn, plan, and apply what you're learning to each group drumming session AS YOU GO!


This doesn't have to be a 'formal' experience with your group.


I like to think of it as your 'learning group' so there is no pressure to 'get it right'


You will be introducing the experience in small portions until you have everything you need to run a whole session.


This 'practice' provides 50% of your learning. And it's absolutely necessary for your success!


If you need some guidance on getting a focus group up and running - just ask!


Learn to Master your program delivery as we unpack what's working and what's not each week, provide reflection, critique and remedy where necessary.


You won't find a more in depth training!


And certainly - no other Drum Facilitator 'Coach'


So this really is, a VERY SPECIAL opportunity to be mentored, coached, and supported on your journey.


It's more than simply GIVING you the content!


It's teaching you why we do what we do, when we do it; how to best SERVE the people you are working with, and provide you with in-the-moment support so you can grow, flow and adapt... FASTER!

Limited places!

Due to the intensive nature of working 1:1, my busy schedule running other drumming programs, and my commitment to family time, I MUST cap this special opportunity to just 8 people I work with weekly over the 6 weeks!


Places will be filled on a first come first served basis.


Once I have my 8, the doors will be closed on the first round, and I won't be reopening again for at least another 6 weeks.

Have questions? Let's talk!

Still undecided if this training is right for you?


Not sure if you're READY?


Let's schedule a quick chat.


Have your Qs and vision ready!


And I'll be happy to answer them.


There's no pressure to book the 1 on 1 when we speak.


It's simply to work out if this is right for you, and to get you ready for this experience if you're feeling unsure.

How to Book in

1.Available Session Times - Check out the session you want to book in. *If you don't see anything there you can work with, please contact me 1300 910 448

2.Register Now - Complete the Registration Form

3.Pay Now - Complete your booking by finalising your payment on times I have available & select the ones y

Step 3 - Pay Now

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Need drums for your group?

We recommend our Djembe 50+ for all ages from 5 years+.


If you're a Kindergarten or Early Learning Group, I recommend our Djembe 40.


Don't forget, your drums will need some protection whilst stored or transported - for climate control and to prevent knocks and damage.


We recommend our simple cotton batik drum hats.


Order online or request an invoice at [email protected]