Virtual Drumming Events

For Anyone, Anywhere!

LIVE Virtual Group Drumming Events

Afrobeat’s LIVE Virtual Interactive Drumming Events help groups connect, engage, have FUN, and rediscover their JOY both onsite and remotely.

Our virtual interactive drumming events are not limited by location or Covid Restrictions.

If you have an internet connection and an instrument to beat on, you can tune in to Afrobeat from anywhere!

How do our Virtual Drumming events work?

We currently use Zoom & Webex platforms for our LIVE Virtual Events


  • Onsite Groups
  • Remote Groups where individual members are signing in from multiple locations
  • Individual Sign in
  • Or a combination of Onsite Group and Remote member sign in


  • School Groups
  • Community Groups
  • Organisations and Corporate Groups
  • OR Individuals joining our Open ‘Community’ Sessions


What you’ll need to join us

  • Noise Cancelling Headphones for individual sign ins for sound quality
  • A Large Screen and quality sound system for onsite groups
  • Laptop, PC, iPad, tablet, or Mobile Phone device with camera and microphone
  • Reliable Internet connection

Session Duration - 40 min


Easy Booking process

All sessions scheduled in Australian Eastern Standard Time

No limit on Participant numbers

No experience necessary!

Virtual Drumming Options

African Drumming Secondary School incursions

Interactive Group Drumming

With every beat, the enthusiasm and excitement build as participants begin to sense the power of their individual rhythmic contributions! Within minutes, AFROBEAT will lead a cacophony of noise into an awe-inspiring (sometimes hilarious) online musical performance guaranteed to wow the first-time drummer! Without knowing it, participants will learn the art of working together without words, building dynamic sounds and polyrhythmic compositions traditional to West Africa.

Presentation Options

With Drums – Purchase drums for your group from our online African drum shop

Without Drums - BYO up-turned plastic bucket OR cardboard box, large and durable enough to give a bass beat in the centre and higher tone on the outer edge.


Early Learning Incursion

School & Youth Groups

Community Groups

Organisations & Corporate Groups

Wellness Drumming with Afrobeat

‘Find your Rhythm’ – 5 Week Wellness Drumming Course

Drumming together is one of the most inspiring interactive group activities guaranteed to connect EVERYONE in the room within minutes!

Feel instantly connected, joyful, and empowered in this fun drumming course designed to reconnect with community and restore personal wellbeing.

Learn positive and uplifting rhythms to inspire joy, relaxation, mindfulness, resilience, build cardiovascular fitness, and rebuild your confidence and self esteem.

Meet with a bunch of smiling novice drummers just like you! Have a laugh (we’re here to have FUN after all!), find your own rhythm through in-the-moment rhythmic Jam Sessions, and learn how to play the djembe one beat at a time.


  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Rebuilding your Team / Team Bonding
  • Restoring & reconnecting your community
  • Fun, Feel good Activity, have a Laugh, Meet new people!


Educators & Teaching Staff

School Groups

Community & Youth Groups

Organisations & Corporate Groups


What you’ll need

African Drumming Teacher Training

Beginner African Drumming Workshop - One Rhythm!

A fun Introduction to African Drumming, this instructional workshop is interactive, engaging, educational, and allows for all abilities to experience success. Learn about the African drum ensemble, the drums we play, cultural context and story behind the rhythm, playing technique, musicality, rhythm structure, and polyrhythms.


  • Fun group activity
  • Learn a new skill
  • Team Building
  • Music Education
  • Build Cultural Awareness, Promote Diversity
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Rebuild Community

What you’ll need

African Drumming with Afrobeat

Beginner African Drumming Course – 5 Rhythms in 5 Weeks!

Afrobeat create a fun atmosphere with other novice drummers where we can have a laugh, feel good, and connect with each other over the beat of the drum.

Learn 5 Rhythms in 5 Weeks in this FUN introduction to Traditional West African Drumming.

Learn about the African drum ensemble, the drums we play, cultural context and stories behind the rhythms, playing technique, musicality, rhythm structure, and polyrhythms (many parts played together simultaneously to create ONE Rhythm).

Reap the scientifically proven, evidence based social, physical, and psychological health benefits of Group Drumming.


  • Fun group activity
  • Learn a new skill
  • Team Building
  • Music Education
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Rebuild Community

What you’ll need

Become a Drums Talk Drum Facilitator

Drum Speaker - with Afrobeat Founder

Afrobeat Founder, Janine Rew (aka Neeni Tuti) delivers an empowering message to the BEAT of the drum!

'Recognise what you’re good at, what brings you joy… and do that!'

Janine talks about her ‘accidentally on purpose’ journey from inspired drumming student to Founder of Afrobeat – one of Australia’s longest running, female operated Drumming Businesses!

Janine’s highly engaging presentation weaves between live and interactive beats and her stories of inspirations and the lessons encountered on her journey from her early introductions to African drumming and dance to a unique career in music spanning 22 years.

She talks about doing what you LOVE, inspiring others, and making a difference to the BEAT of the Drum!

Topics covered

  • The Road less travelled
  • A Career in Music
  • Turning your Passion into a Career
  • Building Resilience & Personal Transformation
  • Creating a business around your personal values


Secondary School & Youth Groups Year 9 – 12