Interactive African Drumming Experiences for Everyone! 

We’re inspiring & connecting people to the beat of the drum!

Businesses big and small including fortune 500 companies like Toyota, Microsoft and BHP Billiton, Community & Non-Profit Organisations, Early Learning Centres, Kindergartens, Primary & Secondary Schools, Special needs groups, Youth & Community Groups, Universities, and every manner of event from birthday parties to conferences have jumped on board the percussive phenomenon and recognised African drumming as a cutting edge tool for building teams, connecting communities, leadership training, empowering individuals, and improving health & wellbeing. And is it any wonder when… 

'Drumming together' is simple; FUN, accessible, and effective!

A natural organiser and energiser; rhythm and music-making provide powerful metaphors for organisational culture, experiential learning, leadership, team work and group synergy. From the very experience of drumming together, we can strengthen core community values, impart life lessons, heal, unify and empower.

African Drumming is an experience where all ages, abilities, backgrounds, and levels of experience can achieve success on an equal playing field.

With its limitless applications, benefits and flexible formats, Afrobeat’s Interactive African Drumming experience has the flexibility to resonate with diverse audiences and contexts, themes and desired outcomes.

Engaging, Inclusive, FUN, and memorable – Afrobeat's Interactive African Drumming Experiences suit any audience, any occasion, any place, and any time.

The possibilities and opportunities are endless!

No group is too big or too small

Find out more…

Every child gets a drum
& an invitation to join in!

With EVERY BEAT, young people build a sense of connection, success, empowerment, & wellbeing!

With EVERY BEAT, young people build a sense of connection, success, empowerment, & wellbeing!

Ditch the devices &
Let drums do the talking!

When we drum together, we build
community ONE beat at a time!

Businesses BIG & small build teamwork, develop leadership, & improve staff wellbeing to the BEAT of the Drum!

When we drum together,
we work as a team
ONE beat at a time!

Building mindfulness, resilience, & wellbeing to the BEAT of the Drum!

If you can facilitate a drum circle,
you can lead a team!

Open with a BANG, revitalise tired minds, & send them home on a high!

Guaranteed to unite EVERYONE in the room within minutes & get your people talking!

Quick Quote

Afrobeat is committed to the safety of our community!

*Covid Safe Drumming TIPS*

1. Wash your hands before touching the drums

2. Respect social distancing between Children and Facilitator

3. Children exhibiting 'symptoms' should not participate in the activity

4. Where necessary, our Facilitator will wear a mask