Corporate Drumming

Businesses BIG & small build teamwork, develop leadership, & improve staff wellbeing to the BEAT of the Drum!

The Corporate Drumming Specialists!

With an understanding of how ‘group drumming’ directly translates to team work, leadership, organisational culture, wellbeing, increased productivity and revenue; and a team who embody the very essence of ‘team culture’, Afrobeat are the Corporate Drumming Specialists!

See us in Action!

See how we connect 750 delegates within minutes to the BEAT of the drum! Everyone belongs - Everyone has a part to play!

The Drum is a cutting edge tool for building teams, leadership training, and improving corporate wellbeing.

Why are businesses BIG and small jumping on board this percussive phenomenon?

African drumming has evolved as one of the most popular team building activities of all time. Businesses big and small including fortune 500 companies like Toyota, Microsoft and BHP Billiton have jumped on board the percussive phenomenon and recognised drumming as a cutting edge tool! 

And is it any wonder when 'drumming together' is simple, fun, accessible, and effective! 

A natural organiser and energiser; rhythm and music-making provide powerful metaphors for organisational culture, experiential learning, leadership, teamwork and group synergy! An unbeatable ice breaker, Afrobeat also has the power to get your people relaxed, inspired, and talking - making it a 'networker's dream'!

Revive the senses, and leave your delegates feeling uplifted, re-energised, motivated, and ready for success today – the effect is immediate and infectious!

Afrobeat has something for every occasion, group size and budget.

Corporate Drumming Applications

Celebrate, Inspire and Unify your Team. When we drum together, we work as a team ONE beat at a time!

Open with a BANG, Revitalise tired minds after lunch, Reinforce your message, and Send them home on a high!

Building mindfulness, resilience, & wellbeing to the BEAT of the Drum! Meditative 'rhythmic entrainment' for a calm, relaxed and restorative experience.

Ditch the role of spectator, & become part of the show!™ A unique audience-interactive Entertainment experience guaranteed to WOW!

Guaranteed to unite everyone in the room within minutes. Connect strangers, facilitate engagement, and get people talking!

If you can facilitate a drum circle, you can lead a team! Music and rhythm provide excellent metaphors for leadership, and the drum circle provides a unique and dynamic vehicle for leadership training.

The Drum Room

The Drum Room

Perfect for Training Day 'Break outs' and meeting refreshers! Get energised following heavy learning content sessions.

Corproate Speaker

Drum Speaker

Rhythm and music-making provide powerful metaphors for organisational culture, learning, leadership, teamwork, mindfulness, change, group synergy, & so much more! Let our Drum Speaker tie it all together for you in-the-moment!

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Afrobeat is committed to the safety of our community!

*Covid Safe Drumming TIPS*

1. Wash your hands before touching the drums

2. Respect social distancing between Participants and Facilitator

3. Participants exhibiting 'symptoms' should not participate in the activity

4. Where necessary, our Facilitator will wear a mask

Send your delegates home with a special drumming souvenir!

You can even personalise each gift drum with your company logo, theme, or message of the day. These baby drums stand at just 12 & 20 cm tall, and make a great desk-top reminder of your event as well as a useful 'call to action' in the office!