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African Drumming with Afrobeat

Captivate and engage kids from start to finish

Every child gets an African drum and an invitation to join in!

Early Learning Incursions

  • It's FUN, Hands-on
  • Interactive
  • Entertaining
  • Age Appropriate
  • Pedagogical
  • Inclusive
  • Educational
  • Cultural
  • Child-Centered
  • Engaging from start to finish

Interactive Drumming fun!

The 'Afrobeat for Kids' Experience

The primal sound of the drum serves as an invitation, arousing excitement, and curiosity in children. As soon as they spot the drums, each one placed in front of their chairs, children rush to them, eager to participate in the rhythmic experience.


EVERY CHILD gets an African drum, and an invitation to join in!


Within minutes, and without a single word spoken, Afrobeat will have your children transformed from a cacophony of noise into a lively orchestra resembling a percussive locomotive filled with power, enthusiasm, and joy.

Children are introduced to the drums we play and discover the different sounds they make as their beats fall in together. Thunderous drum rolls are followed by lively beats, call and response chanting, rhythmic activities, and energetic dancing as children become part of the show!

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Benefits & Learning Outcomes

Here’s our Top 10 Reasons to give your children the gift of Drumming!

Cognitive Development: Stimulate their brains, enhancing memory and problem-solving skills.


Language Skills: Improve vocabulary and communication through call & response.


Creativity: Encourage imaginative expression through music.


Emotional Expression: Provide a safe outlet for them to express and manage their emotions.


Social Interaction: Promote teamwork, cooperation, and social skills in a group setting.


Fine & Gross Motor Skills: Enhance coordination through playing instruments and moving to music.


Listening Skills: Develop active listening and awareness of different sounds and rhythms.


Confidence Boost: Help them gain self-esteem by drumming with their friends.


Cultural Awareness: Introduce them to diverse musical styles, fostering cultural understanding.


Inclusivity: Embrace diversity and create an inclusive environment where every child can participate and feel valued.

Early Learning Incursions
African Drumming Early Learning Incursions
African Drumming incursions for young children

What others are saying!

‘I have had the pleasure of experiencing Afrobeat as part of a huge audience at an ECA conference, as well as in a small 20 adult team building workshop, and participating with the groups of children aged 2 – 5. Each of these experiences was amazing and I can’t describe how infectious Facilitator’s huge smile, dance moves, and positivity are. I watched people start out shy and quiet and slowly let go of their worries and insecurities and join in with excitement and genuine happiness.

I absolutely love how everybody feels a part of a team when they are playing music together. Irresistibly FUN!’

Pinocchio Early Learning Centre - Canberra, ACT 

What an amazing experience for our Kinder children. I was blown away by the energy in the room, how engaged our children were and how infectious the facilitator’s joy for drumming was. Can’t wait for the next session.

Mansfield Kindergarten - Mansfield, VIC

Thanks so much Janine for three brilliant drumming sessions with our 4- and 5-year-olds kindergarten groups. An awesome interactive experience that supports the development of children's musical knowledge, in such a fun way. Such a treat to have a professional musician in the classroom, to make music with the children.

Geelong West Kindergarten - Geelong, VIC

A great morning of beats, dance and fun! Kids and adults can all join in, and Neeni is great with the kids!! A must for any kindy or even kids party!!

Mansfield Kindergarten - Mansfield, VIc

It was loud, fast, and fun! The children each had their own drum to copy the beat, sing and chant along to. They enjoyed copying the patterns, drumming loud and soft, and singing and dancing. It was hands on and interactive which captivated the children promoting confidence, gross motor skills and creativity!

Stepping Stone Early Learning - Adelaide, SA

Fabulous and energetic show. Both our younger and older children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get hands on with the drums and Janine kept them engaged for the entire time. Great time had by all.

North Fitzroy Childcare Co-operative - MEL

Janine was amazing in her interactions with children, educators, and parents. Janine encouraged the children to feel comfortable and delivered an excellent interactive program. The Afrobeat experience was an amazing program with interactions relevant to the children's interest and enthusiasm.

Goodstart Early Learning - Waurn Ponds, VIC

The children are still talking about how much they loved the drumming show and about half have already asked "when are they coming back?" demonstrating their keen interest. Awesome!

Kids @ Play Early Learning Centre - Five Dock, NSW

Afrobeat was very happy to work alongside us for ALL the children in our Centre to have the opportunity to participate in the incursion. The children had the best time and often speak about the drumming experience. Fun, bubbly and informative!

Goodstart Early learning - Newtown VIC

Nothing but praise from me personally and nothing but praise from the parents who also attended. The children were enthralled. Fantastic and involving. A huge success - Thank-you again.

Chelsea Occasional Care for Children's Week - MEL

Afrobeat were friendly, entertaining, and engaged children and parents in performance. Excellent, well worth having Afrobeat again!

Keithcot Farm Children's Centre - Adelaide SA

LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!! We received some fantastic comments from our families too. I would be more than happy to recommend.

St Mary's Childcare - Syd, NSW

The children really enjoyed their AFROBEAT experience, which catered for all their individual levels of participation and was FUN for everyone. Thank you!

Geelong West Kindergarten – Geelong, VIC

TOM WAS AMAZING! Thank you so much, we will definitely be booking again next year!

The children were so engaged, even the ones who are a little shy.  

Treehouse Early Learning - Revesby, NSW

Here's why our customers invite us back time and time again!

Joyful Energy: Our drumming sessions are like a burst of sunshine! Discover how much fun it is for your children. We promise to bring the same joy to YOUR next event.


Team Play: It's not just about drumming; it's about learning together. Our interactive sessions help children bond, share, and work as a team. It's educational and fun rolled into one.


Engaged from Start to Finish! Afrobeat guarantees to keep 3 - 5 year olds on the beat... and on their toes from start to finish!


Cultural Adventure: Drumming introduces your little explorers to the exciting rhythms of Africa. Let's start this musical adventure and encourage their curiosity.


Happy Hearts: When they drum, it's all smiles! No stress, just pure happiness, laughter, and excited squeals. Who wouldn't want that for their little ones?


Proven Hit: You already know it's a winner. Read the testimonials above! Our sessions create treasured memories that children will remember and talk about often.

African Drumming for Kids
African Drumming
Children on African Drum

Afrobeat is perfect for

  • Musical Incursions
  • Harmony Week - March  18 -23
  • Cultural Diversity Week - March 21 - 28
  • Africa Day - May 25
  • Children's Week - October 22 - 30
  • Early Learning Incursions
  • Intergenerational Activity
  • National Kindergarten Day - April 22
  • Annual, Quarterly or Monthly Incursion
  • Whole Centre Incursions
  • Kindergarten Incursions
  • Preschool Incursions
  • Family-Friendly events [See our Family options]
  • Open Days [See our Family options]
  • Centre Christmas Parties [See our Family options]
  • Father's Day & Mother's Day [See our Family options]
  • Cultural Incursions
  • Neurodiversity Celebration Week - March 15 - 21

Why choose Afrobeat?

Afrobeat Founder Neeni

We LOVE what we do, Inspire others, and Make a difference ... to the BEAT of the Drum!

  • Industry Leaders since 1998
  • Specially selected Drum Facilitators
  • Audience-centered Programs - 'It's not about us, it's about YOU! YOU are the Star of the Show!'
  • Easy to work with
  • Simple Booking Process
  • Excellent Value
  • We come to you!
  • Quality African Drums
  • Always Evolving & Innovative
  • We deliver on the Experience!

Interactive Drumming Incursion

Interactive African Drumming Incursions with Afrobeat

Suit: Children aged 3 - 5 years

Group Size: Up to 40 Children on Drums per group

Duration: 30 - 45 min


Intro to African drumming and the drums we play

Improvisation and jamming

Counting, pitch and volume control

Call and response

How to create different sounds on the drum

Thunderous drum rolls and accents on the beat

Basic rhythms and drum solos

A simple, energetic and FUN performance piece (learned through call and response)

Jungle Boogie - Dance like the animals do!

Understanding the relationship between drummer & dancer

Available: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane

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