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African Drumming with Afrobeat

Captivate & Engage Kids 5 - 12 years from START to finish!

School Holiday Incursions where Every Child gets a Drum and an Invitation to join in!

School Holiday Incursions

  • FUN, Hands-on
  • Interactive
  • Engaging
  • Age Appropriate
  • Pedagogical
  • Cultural
  • Educational
  • Entertaining
  • Inspiring
  • Inclusive
  • Empowering
  • Child-centred

Interactive Drumming Fun!

The Afrobeat Experience

The primal sound of the drum serves as an invitation, arousing excitement, and curiosity in children. As soon as they spot the drums, each one placed in front of their chairs, children rush to them, eager to participate in the rhythmic experience.


EVERY CHILD gets an African drum, and an invitation to join in!

Within minutes, and without a single word spoken, Afrobeat will have your children transformed from a cacophony of noise into a lively orchestra resembling a percussive locomotive filled with power, enthusiasm, and joy.

Children are introduced to the drums we play and discover the different sounds they make as their beats fall in together. Thunderous drum rolls are followed by lively beats, call and response chanting, rhythmic activities, and energetic dancing as children become part of the show!

What others are saying!

Afrobeat is not your average music program to visit a school. It offers so much more! Afrobeat brings the kids together in rhythm, makes it contagious enough for the teachers to want to play along, and invites the school community to come together in a way that is truly special. It’s clear to see Afrobeat weaves the very best of this cultural drumming & offers it to Aussie school kids in a way that makes sense, excites them & lets them experience African culture and music in their classrooms. At its heart  is a driving rhythm that brings the school community together in magical way!

Point Lonsdale Primary School - VIC

Janine from Afrobeat delivered an amazing whole school incursion at Western Autistic School in Laverton. There were 7 sessions, and each session went for 40 minutes- an absolute marathon for Janine!! However, she was energetic, enthusiastic, motivated, and so positive. Every teacher spoke glowingly about how engaging, hands on, fun and totally inclusive they were for all our students. Even the teachers joined in!! If you haven't had Afrobeat visit your school- you are missing out!

Western Autistic School - Laverton, VIC

Janine was amazing in our Prep classroom! The students had the best time playing on the drums and dancing around to the beat. Highly recommend for a classroom incursion for students to have some fun!
Grayling Primary School - Clyde North, VIC

The whole school loved the experience. The kids really enjoyed the smaller group experience where they all had access to a drum… Initially I was thinking the first small group activity would be too short however having seen the kids in action they were pooped after the 25 minutes. The staff loved the experience, Thank-you!

Ascot Vale Primary School – Ascot Vale, VIC

EXACTLY what I was looking for! The entire audience (Prep-Year 6, and teachers) was into the show. Entertaining and interactive. Fantastic!

Bacchus Marsh Primary School – Bacchu Marsh, VIC

Our facilitator was excellent the children thoroughly enjoyed their first session, as did I! Fantastic, enlivening, well pitched to children!

Sacred Heart School - Mona Vale, NSW

Performance was great, high impact, very interactive and absolutely loved by all the children!

St Michael's Primary School - VIC

Thank-you for a fantastic performance at the school’s Harmony Day celebrations. The students loved it and the teachers all agreed it was the best visiting performance we have had. Please pass on my thanks to the performers.

Glen Huntley Primary School – Glen Huntley, VIC

It was an awesome show yesterday! Huge full school attendance and an epic high energy and engaging interactive performance! The students were welcomed with drumming. Later, several students were invited to the stage and guided through a drumming workshop while the rest of the school clapped along, and everyone was in awe of the dancing and flips and somersaults that followed! High energy drumming and a phenomenal show! The teachers drum and dance inclusion towards the end was enjoyed by all, and the guys were real pros: such a powerful combo!

Oatlands Primary School - VIC

It was fantastic.  Great energy and a good 'well-being' message about how music, dancing, singing, and playing makes us feel good. The performers connected with all the students and had them dancing, drumming, and singing from Preps to Year 6, even the teachers! They worked well with such large groups and had them totally engaged from start to finish.

The performers were dead on time, friendly with the staff and students, and efficient in set up and pack up.  Thanks for your pre-arrival set up email, it helped us arrange the stage to suit the performers, and not stress over setting sound gear up on their arrival.

I've had lots of individual feedback from teachers across the school expressing how much they personally enjoyed the show, as well as their students.

Performing Arts Teacher @ Peregian Springs State School, QLD

A fantastic high energy performance. We were clapping and stamping our feet from start to finish. Kept 550 kids enthralled for the whole show!

Bannockburn Primary School – Bannockburn, VIC

Brilliant! All the students and the teachers really enjoyed it. It's great that the kids are involved in making the beat and doing the dances. Everything went really well, and the kids absolutely loved it.

Lalor Primary School – Lalor, VIC

Fantastic, energetic, and engaging for kids of all ages!

Kensington Primary School – Kensington, VIC

We have had extremely positive feedback from kids, teachers, and our school community. The performers were awesome! An extremely positive experience from first contact to the performance.

Oatlands Primary School - VIC

Afrobeat provides a hands-on, energetic program that has students engaged from the moment the workshop commences. Its high energy, participatory nature provides a dynamic learning opportunity for students of all ages.

Moolap Primary School – Moolap, VIC

It truly is an unforgettable experience for students and staff alike and at the heart of it is a driving rhythm that brings the school community together in a magical way.

Point Lonsdale Primary School – Point Lonsdale, VIC


St John's Primary School – Frankston, VIC

The success of the Afrobeat ‘Find you Rhythm’ Wellness series of presentations was the observable change in engagement from many of the students. Many dis-engaged and reluctant students were really getting into the final production and proud of their participation as a group.

Charles La Trobe - Olympic Village Primary School, Heidelberg West, VIC

Afrobeat were professional and tailored the drumming experience to the needs of our children, who have Autism. The response from all classroom teachers was glowing and that they would love to have Afrobeat visit every year! As a teacher of children with Autism, Afrobeat really allowed all our children to be part of the experience and enjoy it from their capacity and ability. The majority of children in each session were participating,

Western Autistic School - Laverton, VIC

Comment from Afrobeat to our teachers - "Whatever you teachers are doing at this school with these students, keep doing it.  What a special school you have here."  They were totally impressed with the engagement and enthusiasm of our students and their respectful behaviour.  What a vibrant and energetic performance for each group of students, so much fun! 

Performing Arts Teacher @ Peregian Springs State School, QLD

Afrobeat’s Interactive Drumming Incursion provides a powerful platform for social and emotional learning.


Through the experience of ‘drumming together’ your group will learn how to

  • Express their creativity
  • Be authentic
  • Develop social skills
  • Build confidence
  • Feel empowered
  • Build resilience
  • Develop perseverance
  • Relieve Stress
  • Achieve a common goal
  • Be kind to one another
  • And most importantly, HAVE FUN!


Children are also introduced to the themes of teamwork, communication, leadership, respect, community values, and life metaphors all which Afrobeat masterfully weave throughout the interactive drumming experience.

Why choose Afrobeat?

Afrobeat Founder Neeni

We LOVE what we do, Inspire others, and Make a difference ... to the BEAT of the Drum!

  • Industry Leaders since 1998
  • Specially selected Drum Facilitators
  • Audience-centered Programs - 'It's not about us, it's about YOU! Your children are the Stars of the Show!'
  • Easy to work with
  • Simple Booking Process
  • UnBEATable Value
  • We come to you!
  • Quality African Drums
  • Always Evolving & Innovative
  • We deliver on the Experience!

Interactive Drumming Incursion

African Drumming for Primary aged Kids

Interactive Drumming Workshops

Suit: School Holiday Programs for mixed school-aged children 5 - 12 years

Group Size: Up to 40 children on drums per group / session

Duration: 30 min - 45 min Sessions


Single Session [45 min] or

Multiple 'Group' Sessions [30 min] one after the other


Intro to African drumming and the drums we play

Improvisation and jamming

Counting, pitch and volume control

Call and response

How to create different sounds on the drum

Thunderous drum rolls and accents on the beat

Basic rhythms and drum solos

A simple, energetic and FUN performance piece (learned through call and response)

Jungle Boogie - Dance like the animals do!

Understanding the relationship between drummer & dancer

Available: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane

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