Kids and Schools

With EVERY BEAT, young people build a sense of connection, success, empowerment, & wellbeing!

Having FUN is a powerful aspect of effective learning, developing social skills, confidence, and promoting creativity for children and young people alike.

Afrobeat captures the imagination of its audiences while inspiring cultural awareness, diversity, team spirit, and connection through African Drumming and Dance.

Specially tailored to suit Primary & Secondary aged students, AFROBEAT’S inspiring school incursions and school holiday workshops are FUN, engaging, educational, inclusive and entertaining, and allow for ALL abilities to experience success!

Drumming together is simple, FUN, accessible and effective - Everyone can do it!

Students learn the art of working together without words, building dynamic sounds, and polyrhythmic compositions traditional to West African music. They will learn about the meanings and cultural contexts of the rhythms and how this translates to their own life story while imparting core community values and life metaphors that Afrobeat masterfully weave throughout. This is teaching without Teaching!

For quality Educational Workshops, Interactive School Shows, or Term Courses that can be tailored to suit your desired outcome, theme, social issue, and curriculum focus, or fortify your School’s core values – Afrobeat’s Interactive Drumming and Dance delivers unbeatable value!

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and experience it for yourself!

See how we engage 300 Year 7’s in our Interactive Drumming Show while capturing the School’s themes of Compassion, Innovation & Integrity.

The Experience in a drum shell!

Within minutes! Afrobeat will have your students transformed from a cacophony of noise into a lively orchestra resembling a percussive locomotive filled with power, enthusiasm and joy. With every beat, their excitement builds as they begin to sense the power of their rhythmic contributions and realise the musical support of their peers.

Through a series of dynamic non-verbal gestures and dramatic mime (much like an animated orchestra conductor!) Afrobeat weave their magic, introducing the ever popular African Djembe drum through thunderous drum rolls and infectious beats, call and response chanting, hand clapping, and movement that focus on maximum participation.

Before they know it, the unsuspecting audience have become performers rather than spectators, and the group dynamic and team spirit begin to emerge. This is an in-the-moment; music-making experience that concludes by beating out rhythms of unity, creating musical harmony, and an outstanding theatrical performance that is TRULY INSPIRATIONAL!

Success Stories

St Joseph’s College, Geelong

We had lots of terrific feedback from staff and students about your day at St Joseph’s. A quote from one of the students… ‘I really enjoyed the boomwhackers they were interesting. The boomwhackers were little tubes and when you bang them together they each made a different sound’. Thanks for another energetic experience. INTERACTIVE DRUMMING SHOWS

Moolap Primary School

‘Afrobeat provides a hands-on, energetic program that has students engaged from the moment the workshop commences. Its high energy, participatory nature provides a dynamic learning opportunity for students of all ages’  HALF DAY INTERACTIVE DRUMMING WORKSHOPS

Point Lonsdale Primary School – Music Teacher

‘Afrobeat is not your average music program to visit a school. It offers so much more! Afrobeat for Kids brings the kids together in rhythm, makes it contagious enough for the teachers to want to play along, and invites the school community to come together in a way that is truly special. Having travelled in…