Wellness Drumming

Building mindfulness, health & wellbeing to the BEAT of the Drum!

When we drum together, we feel instantly connected, joyful and empowered. 

A natural healer - rhythm and group drumming provide powerful health benefits and metaphors for living life that leave participants feeling positive, relaxed, rejuvenated, and inspired.

There’s a growing body of research on the therapeutic effects of group drumming.

Ground breaking studies show drumming benefits the immune system, stress levels and mood. It also shows that repetitive drumming changes brain wave activity, inducing a state of calm and focused awareness. In fact when we drum, we engage both hemispheres of our brain - simultaneously. The only other known ‘activity’ to do this is Meditation (done right).

But there’s no hit and miss with Drumming! Because, through rhythmic entrainment drummers learn to quiet the distraction, regain focus, and calm breath and mind. This promotes relaxation, a healthy mind, and a new pathway to social belonging while improving overall health and wellbeing.

So get off your devices and BANG a drum in our Mindfulness Drumming Workshops & Courses!

Applications and Ideas for your Community

  • Community Groups
  • Health Organisations
  • Staff Wellness Programs
  • Therapeutic Services
  • Health & Wellbeing Retreats
  • Wellness Conferences
  • Leisure & Fitness Programs
  • Youth Centres
  • Aged Care
  • Dementia Patients
  • Healthy Lifestyles Programs
  • Special Needs Groups

What others are saying...

Melton City Council

Afrobeat ran an interactive, engaging and very energetic activity for our holiday program for kids with a disability. They delivered an activity that allowed kids to participate at their own interest and ability level, getting up and dancing was a great way to change things up, and the chance to try a bunch of different…

Impact Support Services

Fantastic! It was a great night, everyone who attended will remember it for a long time. Thank you!

Social Life – Sydney

Janine was very talented at teaching and instilling confidence in the group and it was lots of fun.

Penrith Older Women’s Network Inc NSW

Our group, the Penrith Older Women’s Network had the privilege and pleasure of participating in a workshop lead by Janine. The expertise and clear direction given by Janine enabled our group to be comfortable participating and learning African Drumming. Janine’s enthusiasm of drumming was evident and she passed this onto the group. The members who…

Cottage By the Sea, Queenscliff – for School Holiday Program LEADERS

Thanks so much it was a great way to start the day off before our meeting.  From all accounts everyone enjoyed the session so thank you.  A lot of fun and a great euphemism for our corporate journey and aspirations to be a harmonious work place.  This was a creative fun approach towards team building…

Bethany Community Support, Geelong – Mental Health Week

Great workshop – enhanced our therapeutic work with participants. All participants found this very valuable.

(Eastern Regional Mental Health Association) ERMHA, Geelong

It was very enjoyable. The ERMHA team and the public enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you!! If the opportunity arises, we will definitely use Afrobeat again. 🙂 I can’t suggest any improvements as I found all of my interactions with Afrobeat to be helpful. Thanks so much for the experience!!

FV Organisation

Janine has done a few different events for us now including children’s holiday workshops and parent-child sessions. Working with children who have experienced family violence and abuse, the therapeutic services we provide are trauma-informed. The drumming workshop means children can experience rhythm and regulation, both important elements of helping children overcome the effects of trauma.…