Team Building Drumming

When we drum together, we work as a team ONE beat at a time!

Celebrate, inspire and unify your people to the beat of the drum!

When you’re looking for team building ideas, African Drumming is probably NOT the first thing that comes to mind! But you might be surprised to learn that Group Drumming has evolved as one of the most popular team building activities of all time! 

Interactive Drumming is recognised as a cutting edge tool for building teams, and has gained surprising momentum as people realise its limitless applications and benefits, flexibility to resonate with diverse audiences and contexts, and its successful applications in the workplace, community and organisations.

And is it any wonder, when 'Drumming together' is simple, fun, accessible, and effective!

You can tell a GREAT team by the quality of music they produce!

The most successful organisations have one thing in common: a commitment to teamwork. Afrobeat’s Interactive drumming enables teams to learn together, develop team work and create momentum for sustainable organisational change. A natural organiser and energiser, rhythm and music-making provide powerful metaphors for teamwork that result in group synergy, a shared purpose, and a common goal.

Because ‘drumming together’ requires the input of ALL team members to produce music, it highlights the interdependence of the team along with the importance of diversity within the team for its success.


Inspire your team with an Interactive Drumming experience today!

  • Highly engaging
  • Audience interactive
  • Something different
  • Everyone can do it!
  • Memorable
  • Instantly Gratifying
  • Connects people in minutes
  • Get everyone talking
  • No experience necessary

What others are saying...

Moorabool Shire Council

It was more powerful than a discussion around teamwork! It was the perfect activity after lunch as it lifted our energy levels so we could move into our planning session.

Cardinia Shire Council

Facilitators were very professional, friendly and encouraging. We thoroughly enjoyed the Team Building event, we all had a great time and got to try something most of us had not tried before. Was surprised at how much everyone enjoyed and participated.

National Australia Bank (NAB)

We had a great time and Janine’s messaging really hit the mark. We had a fun time together and what a great reflection of real life! i.e. we’re all different (the coloured groove tubes made different tunes) but once we paced ourselves and understand what parts we play, what a rhythm we create!! The more…

Moorabool Shire Council

“What I thought was really exciting about Afrobeat was their ability to get ALL of our team members involved in the activity. We were thrilled to see new skills emerge within individuals in our group. It was a wonderful experience to see the progress from a cacophony of sounds at the beginning of the session…