Early Learning Incursion

Every child gets a drum & an invitation to join in!

Looking for 'something different' that Captivates & Engages kids from start to finish?

  • Is FUN
  • Hands-on
  • Interactive
  • Age Appropriate
  • Pedagogical
  • Promotes Social & Emotional Learning
  • Supports the Early Learning Framework
  • Inspires Cultural Awareness
  • Promotes confidence, gross motor skills & creativity


Capture their imagination and inspire cultural awareness, diversity, team spirit, self-belief, & connection...  all while beating the drum!


African drumming is an excellent, natural, and healthy way for children to learn and grow, develop social skills, confidence, understand diversity, the importance of working together, increase their gross motor skills, and promote creativity.

Afrobeat deliver a FUN, hands-on, educational, and entertaining, music-making experience that allows for all abilities to experience success and guarantees to keep 3 -5 year olds on the beat... and on their toes from start to finish!

So what happens in the session?

Within minutes, Afrobeat have even the most tentative child beating their own drum. Children are introduced to the drums we play and discover the different sounds they make as they become a lively orchestra, their beats falling in together to create a percussive locomotive filled with enthusiasm and joy! Thunderous drum rolls are followed by lively beats, call and response chanting, rhythmic activities and energetic dancing as kids become part of the show!

The Experience Features

  • Improvisation and jamming
  • Music-making and follow-ship
  • Counting, pitch and volume control
  • Call and response
  • Intro to African drumming and the drums we play
  • FUN, Hands on, tactile learning
  • How to create different sounds on the drum
  • Thunderous drum rolls and accents on the beat
  • Basic rhythms and drum solos
  • A simple, FUN & energetic performance piece (learned through call and response)
  • Jungle Boogie - Dance like the animals do!
  • Understanding the relationship between drummer & dancer

Perfect for...

  • Music Incursions for 3 – 5 year olds
  • Celebrating Cultural Diversity through music making
  • Early Learning & Whole Centre Incursions
  • Kindergarten Incursions
  • Family-Friendly events
  • Open Days
  • Centre Christmas Parties

Afrobeat’s Interactive Drumming Experience provides a powerful platform for effective learning.


  • Develop their listening & response skills
  • Build coordination of breath & movement
  • Stimulate left / right brain simultaneously
  • Learn to be present and focussed in the moment
  • Learn to respect, cooperate & contribute in a group environment
  • Practice patience & self-control
  • Develop skills for processing & communicating information
  • Learn to channel intense emotions
  • Experience a calming effect
  • Learn valuable & effective coping skills
  • Develop self-esteem & self-image
  • Enhance imagination & creativity
  • Develop gross motor skills
  • Increase their ability to concentrate
  • Gain cultural insight, explore history, traditions & cultural arts
  • Learn to communicate without words
  • Get an opportunity for self-expression
  • Enhance their cognitive, social, physical, & emotional skills
  • Learn invaluable lessons that will endure a lifetime

What others are saying

ACA Victoria Excellence in ECEC Conference 2017 – Melb, VIC

Janine and Afrobeat created a wonderful, joyful and exhilarating start to the second day of our Conference. Over 700 people making fabulous music together at 9am on a Saturday morning was a sight to behold!

Goodstart Early learning, Newtown VIC

Afrobeat was very happy to work alongside us for ALL the children in our Centre to have the opportunity to participate in the incursion. The children had the best time and often speak about the drumming experience. Fun, bubbly and informative!

Stepping Stone, SA

It was loud, fast and fun! The children each had their own drum to copy the beat, sing and chant along to. They enjoyed copying the patterns, drumming loud and soft, and singing and dancing. It was hands on and interactive which captivated the children promoting confidence, gross motor skills and creativity!

Pinocchio Early Learning Centre, Canberra – Nikki (Educator & Centre Director)

I have had the pleasure of experiencing Afrobeat as part of a huge audience at an ECA conference, as well as in a small 20 adult team building workshop, and also participating with the groups of children aged 2 – 5. Each of these experiences was absolutely amazing and I can’t describe how infectious Janine’s..

Pinocchio Early Learning Centre, Canberra – Nikki (cont..)

..huge smile, dance moves, and positivity are. I watched people start out shy and quiet and slowly let go of their worries and insecurities and join in with excitement and genuine happiness. I absolutely love how everybody feels a part of a team when they are playing music together. Irresistibly FUN!

Redbank School, Exceptional Kids Services – The Children’s Hospital, Westmead NSW

Thank you for making our multicultural day a success. The facilitator was a sensational artist and was able to engage with all ages. He was energetic and uplifting, praising everyone for their efforts. We greatly appreciated the way he was able to teach the African culture through drumming and storytelling. A colourful and entertaining experience!

Fig Tree Pocket OSHC

Our facilitator had a lovely presence while working with the children. He was knowledgeable and talented and got the kids really excited about the session. His jumps were incredible – the highest I’ve ever seen!! 

Anglicare, Southern QLD

Thank-you so much for the workshop. The children had such a good time. Nathaniel was professional and engaging. We had parents joining in with the kids, and kids who don’t normally engage in activities did so with this workshop. He made it fun and energetic and the children responded really well. Excellent.

Keithcot Farm Children’s Centre – Adelaide SA

Afrobeat were friendly, entertaining and engaged children and parents in performance. Excellent, well worth having Afrobeat again!

Corporate Family Day, SHELL – Melbourne, VIC

Really good feedback. Even people who didn’t participate LOVED the atmosphere it created and the kids loved it. Yes it was everything I expected and more!

Chelsea Occasional Care – Children’s Week

Nothing but praise from me personally and nothing but praise from the parents who also attended. The children were enthralled. Fantastic and involving. A huge success – Thank-you again.

Kids @ Play Early Learning Centre – Five Dock, NSW

The children are still talking about how much they loved the drumming show and about half have already asked “when are they coming back?” demonstrating their keen interest. Awesome! 

Aurora School Early Intervention (Deaf Children & Families) – Melbourne, VIC

Our performer was readily able to engage the participants. He was enthusiastic and encouraging and extremely entertaining. The program was well paced and met the needs of the group which was diverse in age and ability from babies to grandparents. It encouraged active participation and was full of joy. 

St Mary Child Care

LOVED LOVED LOVED IT!! We received some fantastic comments from our families too. I would be more than happy to recommend

North Fitzroy Child Care Co-operative

Fabulous and energetic show. Both our younger and older children thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to get hands on with the drums and Janine kept them engaged for the entire time. Great time had by all. 

Geelong West Kindergarten

The children really enjoyed their AFROBEAT experience, which catered for all their individual levels of participation and was FUN for everyone. Thank you!

Goodstart Early Learning, Waurn Ponds VIC

Janine was amazing in her interactions with children, educators and parents. Janine encouraged the children to feel comfortable and delivered an excellent interactive program. The Afrobeat experience was an amazing program with interactions relevant to the children’s interest and enthusiasm.